Canto Mediterraneo


A show with different shades of colours that takes you into a universe made of songs, poetry, rhythmical cavalcades, transalpine tarantellas by the Italian artist and activist Luca Bassanese.

From the moving lyricism of the nineteenth/twentieth-century popular songs, to the interpretation of the classical songwriters as Modugno, De André, Rosa Balestrieri, up to the best-known songs of the artist which are part of the new popular repertoire with musical roots from the Mediterranean Adriatic area.

Ideal for festivals, theatres, clubs and for families with children.

On stages:
Luca Bassanese (lead vocal, tammorra, guitar, kazoo, bass drum)
Stefano Florio (guitars, mandolino, percussion, loop station, vocals)
Elodie Lebigre (vocal, kazoo, tamburello, dance)

Special guest:
violin / percussion